Friday, 30 December 2011

Actress Han Chae-young Garners Various Awards in China

Celebrity Han Chae-young was granted in various prizes rituals in The far east. According to her organization on November 27, Han Chae-young obtained the Best Overseas Celebrity at this year's Excitement Awards put by Anhui Tv and The far east Web website website

The Excitement Awards chosen the success among 1,000 TV dramas that have been send out through The far east tv TV during this season, and Han Chae-young was granted with her designs in the crisis "Boys over Flowers" and "A Man Known as God". Han Chae-young had already won the prize of the most modern performer of the season at the The far east Pattern Awards put by China TV on November 13. Han's film "Big Deal", which is a The far east film, will be published in the starting of next season.

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