Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ayesha Khan Pakistani TV Drama Actress

She came, she saw and she mastered appears real for this celebrity. Her introduction performs were Deewan-e-Khaas, and Doosri Aurat but dilemma sequential Mehndi modified her whole profession information. Since then, she was generally known as Mehndi wali larki. Making all the adulation behind, Ayesha went off to complete her knowledge in North america. During her remain overseas, she noticed that performing is what she wants; upon her come back, she was bathed with provides. These days her collection contains hit serials like Maane Na Yeh Dil, Maan-o-Salwa, Mehmaan, Saraab, Chaar Chaand and Mujhay Apna Bana Lo. Ayesha has certainly come a lengthy way, and done tasks that are not only complicated but talk amounts of her ability.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Arjumand Rahim Pakistani TV Drama Actress

Attempt and investment are what figure out the multi-talented actress-turned-producer, Arjumand Rahim. During the last two years, Arjumand had performed in few TV functions.
The details was that she was in and out of the country, looking at opportunities in Mumbai, Native indian. Since her come returning, Arjumand’s fantastic focus remains her costs with Art Republik, a technology house that she has launched.
Meeting the stylish performing expert has always been a fulfillment. Our rendezvous took place in her office while she was suffering from a selection of hot nihari. My first issue to her was about her Mumbai experience.
“I went to Native indian because I wasn’t very vitalized about my execute here or the form of projects that were being offered to me. Actually, it’s not about the projects but more about the treatments of the individuality by the administrator that makes a group of a modify.
The actuality is that very few directors’ execute in Pakistan fulfills globally specifications. The fantastic of system has also more intense over the years and the improve of applications has led to a deal on fantastic progression.
Finding the right trend size with your co-actors and group has also become challenging. In such a scenario, Mumbai offered an exciting option to refresh my center as well as to find different techniques. Luckily, the experience became satisfying,” she says.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Aamina Sheikh Pakistani TV Drama Actress

Her shows have undertones of Khalida Riyasat. The same rebellious sight, slimmer shape, the pizazz, the spunk, power and vigour originating out of her tiny person; whether she performs a saved Arabic lady existing with two cellular cellphone snatchers in Pachees Qadam Pe Maut or pushes a rickshaw all over Karachi as the established youthful lady in Aasman Chu Lay. Twirling her bright hair in a products professional, she delivers sex charm that suits that of Zeenat Aman. In a brief period of her which and performing profession, this twenty-something has designed out a market for herself as a extravagant style and a flexible performing professional. So who does she want to be known as, a style or an actor? “A entertainer, or a multiple of some sort?” she chuckled in reaction.
Dressed in a informal tee and dark-colored harem jeans, the doe-eyed Aamina Sheikh checked like Pocahontas, with her cappuccino epidermis, look out of a Sophisticated protect and a sensible go that provides no mind-set but lots of lengthy, immediately locks. Seated across from me, she happily talked about her journeys as a rickshaw car owner for a telefilm Aasman Chu Lay, a unique Women’s Day effort.
“It was a swaying venture instructed by Syed Ali Reza. Usman Mustafa had written the program. I performed a youthful lady who is established to become the breadwinner after her father’s dying and helps you to save her household from the following problems,” she relevant. Since the girl’s dad was a rickshaw car owner, Aamina had to generate a rickshaw with a large photographic camera connected to it on fast paced streets such as the M.A. Jinnah Street and Lawn place and entice actual travelers. “Before one more photograph I desired to generate a several units in the rickshaw but it was not at all possible. So Mohib came to my save and received the manages and everything for me, where the equipment and braking system were and informed me that it is very just like a Vespa.”
Just before the photograph, she got to be able to take a number of units with a actual ricksha wallah in a filter isle or two. But the way encounter was for actual. “My locks was linked up, I used a consistent and used a headscarf over it and so it was not very apparent that a lady was generating a rickshaw, but once someone discovered, that was it. At one factor, I had some individuals operating after me with a damaged pipe light! It was a innovative perform, a amazing and change encounter which created me really experience energized. Jaise waqai kuch seekha hai. Afterwards we were kidding that it would lead towards my pension plan!”

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

mona lisa pakistani actress

Pakistani hot style and celebrity Mona Lisa is very enchanting intelligent celebrity and preferred style lady of youthful technology. You can see her resource, individual lifestyle record and expert profession bio-data.
Mona Lisa is a well-known and extremely top Model and TV Actress in Pakistan Showbiz Market.  Mona Lisa is a hot ravishing pakistani tv celebrity, known to be the Smriti Irani of pakistani tv. She became effective in pakistani showbiz through her excellent ability. The fairly pakistani style n celebrity is stated to be involved with household companion.
Her wedding or wedding is not known and her size is 5’7″. She is a Islamic lady, known as mona by her dad. His dad was an excellent admirer of Mona Lisa’s (by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci) artwork and he connected the name “Lisa” to her name which also became her level name.
She became effective in pakistani showbiz through her excellent ability and wonderful look. Mona Lisa has done the toughest part you could anticipate from anybody in the whole Movie Market. Mona Lisa came to confirm herself as a lady of adaptability, a serious celebrity, and from a reasonable qualifications.
Once a level celebrity, She has now her way to Bollywood. After rejecting 70 tryouts, manufacturer Bhushan kumar chosen the wonderful celebrity Mona for his film “Kajrare” with co-star Himesh Reshammiya. He was so satisfied with her that he finalized agreement of three movies with her. The film will be taken in Lahore, The other agents and European countries.