Tuesday, 3 April 2012

mona lisa pakistani actress

Pakistani hot style and celebrity Mona Lisa is very enchanting intelligent celebrity and preferred style lady of youthful technology. You can see her resource, individual lifestyle record and expert profession bio-data.
Mona Lisa is a well-known and extremely top Model and TV Actress in Pakistan Showbiz Market.  Mona Lisa is a hot ravishing pakistani tv celebrity, known to be the Smriti Irani of pakistani tv. She became effective in pakistani showbiz through her excellent ability. The fairly pakistani style n celebrity is stated to be involved with household companion.
Her wedding or wedding is not known and her size is 5’7″. She is a Islamic lady, known as mona by her dad. His dad was an excellent admirer of Mona Lisa’s (by Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci) artwork and he connected the name “Lisa” to her name which also became her level name.
She became effective in pakistani showbiz through her excellent ability and wonderful look. Mona Lisa has done the toughest part you could anticipate from anybody in the whole Movie Market. Mona Lisa came to confirm herself as a lady of adaptability, a serious celebrity, and from a reasonable qualifications.
Once a level celebrity, She has now her way to Bollywood. After rejecting 70 tryouts, manufacturer Bhushan kumar chosen the wonderful celebrity Mona for his film “Kajrare” with co-star Himesh Reshammiya. He was so satisfied with her that he finalized agreement of three movies with her. The film will be taken in Lahore, The other agents and European countries.

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