Sunday, 3 February 2013

Actress Lee Si-young to Join Boxing Team

Japanese celebrity Lee Si-young has formally finalized with a punching group.

Lee will be present at her formal becoming a participant of wedding for the Incheon Town Area Boxing Team on Jan 31, according to authorities from her organization, J Extensive Organization.

“Though Lee is to get into the punching group, she will focus more on her performing profession because that is still her primary profession,” the authorities said.

As she becomes a participant of the punching group, the community is anticipating her to sign up in the 2014 Incheon Oriental Activity. However, authorities from J Extensive described that nothing has been set yet because she has to go through preliminaries first.

Lee Si-young, who came out in 2008, became known after showing in the beat hit TV sequence "Boys Over Flowers" (KBS) the following season.

In the meanwhile, she began her punching profession truly and won the 48-kg category classification at the 47th Boxing Competitors for Beginners in the following season. The celebrity also took the top position at the 41st Seoul  Beginner Boxing Competitors in This summer 2012.

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