Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Traitors don't belong to any religion, must be punished: Meera

Mathura: Traitors should be hanged, they do not are part of any religious beliefs, mentioned Pakistani celebrity Meera said here on the clinging of Parliament strike convict Afzal Expert.

"Strict activity should be taken against a traitor regardless of his nation or religious beliefs. If he has dedicated a criminal activity, then he should be penalized," the Lollywood celebrity said.
"No religious beliefs instructs you to propagate hate. If any individual tries to do that, he should be penalized," she said.

The celebrity, who has proved helpful in several Pakistani and Bollywood movies, was here last night to join in Vasant Utsav system organized by a public team. "The film-industry in both Indian and Pakistan can perform a big part in linking the gap between the nations," Meera said, including that both the government authorities should have easygoing guidelines and guidelines, such as Charge guidelines for better interaction. She came out in Bollywood from film-maker Mahesh Bhat's 'Nazar' and currently she is operating on a function movie and a documented.

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