Wednesday, 13 March 2013

27-yr-old China celebrity Music Wenfei passes away of uterine cancer

The loss of life of a 27-year-old celebrity from uterine melanoma has turned on attention of the illness, as analysis has shown the amount of some kinds of that melanoma is increasing.

Song Wenfei passed away on Weekend early morning at home in Guangzhou. Zhang Lingzhi, Song's good friend and co-star in the TV sequence Professional dancer, first revealed the loss of life on her small weblog.

Zhang told a program on Shanghai TV on Thursday that Music was first clinically identified as having uterine melanoma this year but kept working on her TV sequence until May.
Zhang said in the meeting that physicians recommended Music instantly have surgery treatment, but she rejected and came back to perform after undergoing therapy.

Zheng Hong, a doctor at Chinese suppliers Cancer Medical center, said cervical melanoma and melanoma of the womb are the two most common types of uterine melanoma.

"Uterine melanoma (cancer of the uterus) mostly happens in females outdated 50 to 60, and cervical melanoma mostly in those outdated 40 to 50," she said. "A lady should check her womb yearly. Those who have had sex should do a gynecological test. Those who haven't should get an ultrasound examination check out."

Chen Wanqing, deputy home of the Nationwide Main Cancer Personal computer, said the existence of uterine melanoma, especially cervical melanoma, is increasing in Chinese suppliers.

According to Chen, a primary cause of cervical melanoma is the disease of the human papillomavirus. Research in the Nineteen seventies and the 90's revealed that the amount of cervical melanoma in Chinese suppliers was reduced during that time because enhanced cleanliness reduced the chance of disease.

"Yet the last several years saw a rise in the illness, especially in towns, probably because people are revealed to sex previously and usually have more sexual associates," he said. "Sex became a primary path for infecting HPV."
The newest formal review on the health of Chinese suppliers citizens supported up his comments.

Issued by the town's govt, the review reveals the amount of cervical melanoma has increased over the last several years, increasing from 3.92 per 100,000 females in 2001 to 8.96 per 100,000 truly, with an yearly improve of 10.1 %.

On the other hand, the incident of uterine melanoma has as much to do with way of life as it does with sex, such as being overweight and a a sedentary way of life, professionals said.

One's state of mind also results in resulting in tumours, because long-term unrelieved psychological stress deteriorates the defense mechanisms and improves the possibility of getting melanoma, Chen said.

In April 2012, Music said on her small weblog that she went to a hospital in Chinese suppliers because she was "increasingly worried" about her body due to "high stress from perform and life".

Cancerous uterine illnesses have taken a cost on other politicians as well.

Anita Mui Yim-fong, a popular musician and celebrity in Hong Kong, passed away from cervical melanoma in 2003 at age 40, increasing the public's attention of the value of early therapy of the illness.

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