Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fan Bingbing to replace Song Hye-kyo in Zhao's Orphan

Fan Bingbing
China celebrity Fan Bingbing is verified to substitute Southern Japanese celebrity Music Hye-kyo for the top part in Home Chen Kaige's future traditional dilemma, "Zhao's Orphan".
The alternative came a month after the film's development group declared that Music Hye-kyo was in speaks for the part of women lead.
Despite statements of a normal throw mix up, the occurrence led to a row over the latest declaration by Music Hye-kyo's broker organization doubting that the celebrity had ever obtained any invites from the film's development group or even met Home Chen in person. The declaration also cautioned Southern Korea's household press to be careful with the advertising stop techniques of China's showbiz.
"Director Chen wouldn't have met with Skip Music if she hadn't had proven her interest in the movie again and again," described Qin Hong, the chair of Outstanding Images, the supplier of "Zhao's Orphan."

Song Hye-kyo
"Miss Music and the manufacturers did not come to conditions on some information with the agreement.... Did we fulfill a duplicated Music Hye-kyo?" Qin said in protection, including that the action of their Southern Japanese version was a remarkable disrespect to the movie group.

According to press reviews, Music Hye-kyo's broker organization released the declaration out of possible issue that Song's miss-out on the part is a judgment to her celebrity power, since Southern Japanese press had revealed that the celebrity frequented China a few times in an effort to acquire the part.
Besides Fan Bingbing, the stellar collection of "Zhao's Orphan" will also include expert acting professional Ge You, recently crowned "Best Actor" Wang Xueqi and Zhang Fengyi who appeared in Chen Kaige's 1993 Oscar-nominated movie "Farewell, My Concubine."

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