Friday, 15 March 2013

DB3Xchange Assists Chinese Actress Zhang Meng with 2013 Spirit Awards Appearance

Super Globe Press and DB3 Organization have teamed up to form DB3XCHANGE, a partnership that will create an interesting new foundation that joins manufacturers, adopters, and growing marketplaces with complex media, movie and enjoyment systems. On Feb 23, 2013, DB3Xchange will organize and produce an meeting living room “press junket” and organize China celebrity Zhang Meng’s overall look at the Soul Prizes in Los Angeles.
DB3Xchange will continue to perform with stars and stars such as Meng, but also with media and affiliate associates, for development and incorporation seeding of international features and enjoyment tasks. Film and foundation possibilities will consist of value, certification, submission, studio room and separate movie tasks.
Zhang Meng, a promoter of the DB3Xchange, is an growing China movie celebrity. Meng will be participating the 2013 Soul Prizes with the help of DB3Xchange’s unique services. Thanks to DB3Xchange, Meng will be finishing a 'press meeting round' while in Los Angeles.
"These collaborative attempts are essential possibilities to advertise common company development and a collaborative return of art and skills. China suppliers has been a promoter of movie development and a strong movie financing affiliate and designer. Last season's The show biz industry box office was the best it has been. I know a vivid industry and across Hawaiian expansion is essential.” says DB3 Organization affiliate, Indicate A. Dayoub.
The DB3Xchange factors are to identify top growing skills and increase the information of current new additions from media, marketing, marketing, and technology management. Cooperation across the board with groups from music, fashion, and movie is a final element.
"This return encourages lifestyle and businesses across a variety of interaction systems. We already link on social, mobile, game playing, and share encounters with movie and tv. This was a natural fit to be involved in promoting development and return of company and lifestyle possibilities, being in a position to help people skills like Ms. Meng to reach their profession objectives is nothing short of an respect,” describes Travis Cloyd, CEO of Super Globe Press.
DB3Xchange also synchronized media associates and leading places to have Meng interact with her fanbase and Northern American existence. As Meng creates with the media and public, her management will be free to discover new company partnerships and movie co-production possibilities thanks to the perform of DB3Xchange.
About Zhang Meng
Zhang Meng (a.k.a. Lemon) is an celebrity from Landmass China suppliers and home of Actors Working Panel of the China suppliers Television Artist’ Organization. Her role as “Biyao”, the women innovator of the activity, Jade massage beds Empire, was her nationwide cutting-edge. This year, Meng’s profession actually peaked with tasks in five Television Programs from network massive Fantastic Large eagle TV: My Lively Girl, The Fight Expert, The Miracle Knife, In Really like with Power, and Sop King. Her filmography credit include: Insane in Really like (2007), The Abandoned Inn (2008), Exclusive Remember (2010), My Own Swordsman (2011), and her newest Tian Long Ba Bu (2013). Meng also is a Producing Specialist as she released her first EP, Meng Knows.


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