Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cecilia Cheung waiting for Mr Right

CHANGSHA - Hong Kong singer-actress Cecilia Cheung revealed her not enough suitors during a documenting procedure of a China wide range present on Wednesday, revealed China advertising.
The celebrity, who finished her five season wedding to singer-actor Nicholas Tse last season, indicated that she is assured that she will see her next Mr Right, though she admitted that Mr Right is demonstrating to be a rather challenging personal.
"I am still awaiting a new connection and I experience as though I am a little youthful lady, dreaming about a knight in shining armor who will come for his queen.
"I don't know why but there is still no man who is courageous enough to trial me," Cheung said.
However, the 31-year-old celebrity said she isn't too irritated over her present situation, and described that there were already two men in her life who regularly carry her a lot of joy.
"Luckily, I still have two extremely lovely folks who contact me 'mummy' every day," said Cheung fortunately, mentioning her two youthful kids Lucas and Quintus. "That is why I don't have a chance to think about another man." CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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