Saturday, 11 February 2012

Patthar Ke Phool (1991) Raveena Tandon movie

Patthar Ke Phool (English: dark-colored diamond flower) is a 1991 Bollywood movie featuring Salman Khan who performs law enforcement battling an underworld company. Raveena Tandon, performs the women cause part, while Vinod Mehra, Kiran Kumar, Reema Lagoo and Manohar Singh appear in assisting jobs. Vinod Mehra passed away before the movie was released; the movie was devoted to his storage at the begin of the breaks. Kiran Kumar's part as the right side of Manohar Singh (Don) in the movie was valued. He had performed an obedient and sincere man connected to Manohar Singh, who too was provided in a different way, a nurturing dad.

Kiran is the only kid of a chaotic dad. She was created and matured up in a way, so that she is not known of her dad's illegal routines. When Kiran goes to one of the Law enforcement Inspector's son Suraj, they both tumble madly in really like. When Kiran's dad discovers out that his kid is in really like with a sincere police son, who has been allocated to discover him, he gets stunned, but determined to provide away all his illegal actions for son's upcoming. However, his own goons not preference this, is successful eliminating the sincere police man by creating Kiran's dad. Now Suraj connects law enforcement office and gets elements done in his style.

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