Thursday, 23 February 2012

Japan’s Chie Tanaka has gone Chinese

The pretty celebrity has gone on record as saying the long run of film is in China suppliers and she has based herself in Taiwan for a period of time.She was the lead in Cpe No. 7, a hit Independent film from 2008.She celebrities reverse Hong Kong acting professional Wong You-nam (黄又南) in Love in Impact, a enchanting funny that won the movie director an prize at this year's Macao Film Celebration.The film informs how two fans deal with their connection when the end-of-times prediction of 2012 comes true.
Tanaka also joined up with Tang Wei (汤唯) and Rene Liu (劉若英) in Rate Angel, which hit cinemas on Dec 27, enjoying a rushing car owner.The little girl of a abundant Western makeup magnate, Tanaka created her introduction outdated 17 when she showed up in the TV sequence Bishyoujou H.She created her cutting-edge in the film Preliminary D, a 2005 Hong Kong film.In May 2006, Tanaka went to Taiwan to study China at Nationwide Taiwan Regular Higher education.

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