Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Imtihaan (1994) Raveena Tandon movie

Imtihaan is a 1994 Bollywood film featuring Bright Deol, Raveena Tandon and Saif Ali Khan .Vicky (Saif Ali Khan) is a well-known musician, who satisfies and comes in really like with Preeti (Raveena Tandon). He demands authorization to get married to her from her dad, who immediately grants of him. Preeti is cautious to get wed but confirms for her dad's benefit. Soon, her dad comes ill, and he creates her guarantee that she will not tell Vicky about her previous life.

A few decades previously, Preeti had decreased in really like with and wed Raja (Sunny Deol,) against her dad's desires. Though the two were very satisfied together, they were cruelly divided when Raja got engaged in any sort of incident and vanished. Preeti came back to her dad's home, where she discovered that she was expecting. She delivered a daughter; however, her dad sent the child to an orphanage.

After getting married to Vicky, Preeti is quite satisfied with him. She satisfies her little girl, Pinky, in the orphanage, and chooses to lawfully follow her. Vicky, who does not know about Preeti's relationship to Pinky, is contrary to the ownership because he looks ahead to having his own kids some day. Preeti constantly connect with Pinky. However, a strange unfamiliar person also connections Preeti. She begins to get cellphone calls from someone, and regularly sits to Vicky regarding her location. Assured that Preeti is having an adulterous matter, Vicky follows her. It changes out she is being known as by Raja, her first partner, who is in existence and wants to look at Pinky. Vicky goes out of his thoughts when he discovers about this, but confirms to look at Pinky when he understands the whole reality. This is followed by some measures moments, which outcome in Raja's dying.

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