Sunday, 18 March 2012

China Beautiful Actress Betty Huang Yi

Nancy Huang Yi is a popular China celebrity and musician. In 2001, Nancy brought up community attention by performing as key women personality in “Accidental Marriage”, a television sequence recomposed from the homonymic novel published by Ms. XI Juan of Taiwan. The charming but innocent knight-errant she performed, Forget LI Yuhu, provided the community a completely stimulating picture and won an single enhance from both the community and professional experts. Thereafter in 2002, Nancy served the best part in another TV sequence “The Coming Queen – 3rd Season”, which is the most accepted in Landmass China suppliers even until now. This part put Nancy the top celebrity in China suppliers, getting lovers from Landmass, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Southern region Eastern Oriental parts. Meanwhile, Nancy also took part in the capturing of TV sequence edition of “Crouching Competition Invisible Dragon”, which is also warm accepted. In 2005, Nancy served as No.1 heroine in “Everlasting Regret”, she performed a huge part in the film of the same name. With the sequence in air, and in view of the effect of Nancy, the team released a animated sequence for her, creating Nancy the first real-man animated celebrity in China suppliers. The losing arizona in which she served the best part in 2006 has set the first viewers score everywhere. She functions from a lady to an old lady in this dilemma for the first time. In end 2005, Nancy finalized with Panasonic BMG and released her first album: the First Summer. Though it’s only a first test, the record was quite accepted and marketed at a amount over 300 million, which was quite unusual in China suppliers market. With the record, Nancy won the “New Singer Prize” of Sprite China suppliers, the “Golden Tune Award of Landmass China suppliers in 2005” structured by Guangzhou, and “the Best Woman-singer in Landmass China” provided by Fujian. It’s worth referring to that Amazingly generously donated all the income from the record to set up a primary university in the country side of China. Nancy considers that everyone has a fantasy, and she wants to help the inadequate children realize their fantasy of going to university. During the even of Native indian Sea Tsunami, Nancy also performed as offer to offer in red corner, even went on road to ask for contributions. Nancy is also an dynamic player in modern life of today, warm accepted by many top manufacturers, such as Cartier, Dior, Chanel, Prada, SKII, Shiseido, etc. She was further an beginner of rushing vehicles, creating excellent information in several units of Chen Long Cup car-race. She is also the first to try the Remedial “Ghost” car in China suppliers during the Nationwide Car Racing Competition. 2006 discuss SHISEIDO to package to secure skin brand lately Urara, rising an worldwide representative identification.

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