Friday, 2 March 2012

Willing Tang Wei follows her star

Tang Wei's newest movie has grabbed 10 prizes in Southern region South korea.
Called Overdue Slip, she performs a captive who drops in really like with a man she activities during a three-day depart from prison.
She is the only overseas celebrity to win a best celebrity prize at the 47th Baeksang Disciplines Awards this year.
The movie is Tang's 4th significant display work, after she increased to fame significant Ang Lee's suspect Lust, Warning, in 2007.
The precise sex scenarios with Hong Kong expert Tony a2z Leung are rumored to be the reason why she vanished from landmass displays for two years.
She went to London, uk to research cinema and increase her British for one season, which allows her efficiency in Overdue Slip, as almost 50 percent the wrinkles are in British.
The movie was taken mainly in Washington, where the two cause character types fulfill. They fall madly in really like, but do not quite know each other. Tang's Ould - is a lady who has to come back to prison after three days, and Southern region Japanese celebrity Hyun Bin's part is that of an experienced womanizer.
Tang adores her personality, because she is so different from her actual self, she says.
"I use what I experience on my encounter - all my associates know that - but the personality covering her thoughts after many problems in lifestyle," she says.

It was a complicated part to represent. Even with Hyun's personality in an theme recreation area, Tang had to use a texas holdem encounter. Movie director Kim Tae-yong would yell at her to increase the sides of her mouth a little.
"It murdered me, because dodgems are my preferred theme recreation area trip," she says. "I tried to management every jolly getting cellular."
She says she understands the encounter because she acquired the strength of covering an actor's thoughts when necessary.

"Maybe I should start a terminology university there," she cracks.
In her time in Washington, she came the roads, speaking with individuals at used gatherings and food marketplaces.
She requested her Chinese language associates to depart her alone, so she could be as near to the regional terminology and lifestyle as possible.
"One of the best things in an actress' lifestyle is visiting different locations to understand their lifestyle and get to know the individuals," she says. "I invested one season in London, uk, but that was not enough. I even want to research at the Southern region Post, maybe to understand something from penguins."

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