Friday, 2 March 2012

Julia Roberts says modern Hollywood is so awful for young actresses

The 44-year-old said she seems sorry for today's current up and arriving stars – because they either explode to popularity or go immediately to rehabilitation.
Roberts, whose 21-year-old cousin Emma is an celebrity, considers youthful artists no more get the opportunity to take "gradual steps" to create their art.
The celebrity, who was 22 when she created her name in 1990 movie Very Lady, said: "The company is so different. You can never be that new young lady that has that duration of “Where’d she come from?”

"There’s the communicate lift and there can be rehabilitation. It’s so terrible. Nobody gets a reasonable trial-and-error interval that everybody warrants and everybody needs."
She included that there had been "a time when I was motivated, as all youthful stars are, you know. You have got to keep going, you have to get out there. It’s too bad that youthful stars arriving up now will never get that type of encounter."
In an appointment with Mirror Fair journal, Roberts said that nowadays, her three kids with partner Daniel Moder offer her "perspective" on her profession – because they never realize she is well-known.

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