Sunday, 18 March 2012

Vicky Zhao 'forgets' to pay school fees

China providers superstar Vicky Zhao Wei has once again found herself combined in another arguments, now, for maintaining purchase of her school costs for eight years.
This is stated by some correspondents in China providers, who found the China providers star's name amongst a history of students who were found to have fantastic costs due to the China providers Film Universities.
According to the source, the stability came up to RMB25,000 (about S$5400) in finish.
The superstar, well-known for her aspect as the ditzy but loveable "Little Swallow" on the highly-popular televsion constant "Princess Pearl", accomplished from the Academy's Performance Organization in 2000.
In a see released by the school on 31 Oct 2008, it said, "Since the start of expression until now, there are still some students who have not paid for their costs and accommodations costs. In the center of the busy expression, this is a storage to all students who have yet to do so to please make purchase soon."

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