Thursday, 3 January 2013

Barfi Celebrity Priyanka maintains her Sari

Bollywood celebrity Priyanka Chopra has won nationwide popularity for her amazing performance in Barfi!, a film by Anurag Basu. She has introduced the aspect of a lady who is being affected by Autisim. Her name in the film is Jhilmil. Priyanka seems that the film is very near to her.

 It is something very unique that occurred in her profession. She wants to protect the reminiscences of the film and hence has made the choice to keep the yellow-colored sari that she used in the film as a symbol of storage. She believes that in doing so, the relationship that she stocks with the film will be managed for many years. She has hence managed the sari to be able to remember the attached to reminiscences of the film.

 Priyanka has revealed to the resources that that the film, Barfi! Will be the most unique film that she has served in. many people have mentioned that this aspect is probably Priyanka’s best aspect so far. It is however exciting to know that movie director Anurag Basu was not very sure about choosing Priyanka for the aspect. It is not easy for a 32 season old lady to be an autistic lady. Jhilmil is the most powerful personality in the tale, although the film is depending on the lifestyle of character, Murphy (played by Ranbir Kapoor).
priyanka was desperate to be Jhilmil but Basu was not sure as he desired a new experience in Jhilmil’s personality.
 The two, Priyanka and Anurag joined a class for 3 times to be able to exercise the personality. It is said that this class shown amazing things for Priyanka. It took out all the worries and concerns from the two. The outcome was fantastic. Although not a primary aspect in the film Jhilmil’s personality remaining an in-depth impact on everybody. It was an outstanding performance by Priyanka.

 Not only Priyanka, but her near relatives also consider the film to be unique for her. Her dad, Mr. Chopra sometimes playfully phone calls her Jhilmil. It is amazing how the purity was represented by her. Priyanka seems that such a unique occurring in her lifestyle should be created unforgettable. Hence, it was her choice to keep the sari.

 The film revealed an outstanding relationship between a hard of hearing and foolish boy and an autistic lady. Anurag Basu has shown that a film can be created fantastic without the use of dialogues in most areas.

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