Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lindsay Lohan Feels Court Date Was A Success

Lindsay’s listening to was to be able to set a test time frame for her misdemeanor expenses, arising from her car accident along the Ocean Shore Road. But the only purpose she had to appear was because she has a new lawyer, Indicate Heller. We informed you that Shawn Chapman Holley has bowed out and now the New You are able to lawyer has ponied up to take on LiLo’s lawful issues.

Lindsay’s new judge time frame is set for Goal 18 and she most appear.
The Assess Disses She & Her Attorney
Judge Sautner said: “This is a misdemeanor … she could have a test and be discovered innocent and still be discovered in probation breach.”

When Indicate Heller associated the judge for having resided in New You are able to and laughed about her being a former investigator she balked: “Flatter does not get you anywhere in this judge.”

Mr. Heller tried to tell the judge that it was amazing that his customer went all the way to LA when she was not sensation well and the judge quipped: “Glad to see you are sensation better … is that like a cold?” When Indicate tried to say she had the flu she said: “The flu is a whole different process.”

Lindsay does not have to appear in judge again until her test time frame on Goal 18. She has asked for forgiveness not accountable to relaxing to cops, careless generating and stopping authorities from doing their responsibilities.

The judge said at the end of the listening to that she was going and that someone

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