Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fan Bingbing fights elopement rumours

ACTRESS Fan Bingbing, 30, went to court last week to battle claims that she eloped with the 65-year-old actor Wang Xueqi, and she appears to be winning the war. She is suing the Daily News newspaper, owned by Tianjin Daily, and a reporter for 2 million yuan (S$408,600) in Beijing, in a case that opened last Tuesday.
Fan was livid over a May newspaper report that she had started dating a man more than twice her age and was preparing to marry him. The reporter behind the story claimed it was based on inside information. Both sides agreed to mediation after the hearing. Fan's agent said she would lower the compensation figure, if the newspaper apologises.
Rumours have been swirling around Wang and Fan since they starred together in war epic Wheat (2009). The rumours kicked into high gear after Wang divorced his wife last year. Then, the Chengdu Evening News claimed that the pair were living together, which they both denied. Still, rumours of the "old mutton-young lamb" romance persist.

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