Thursday, 26 January 2012

Li Bingbing attends Paris Dior haute couture show disguised as Ni Ni

Zimbio is faster than any other graphic assistance for pictures of China stars showing at Western style reveals. They sometimes hit unique labels on pictures before publishing them to the queen deprived masses; in this situation adding Ni Ni as Li Bingbing, the form of problem they have created in the last. Here is "not Li BingBing" from Zimbio: Interesting to be aware the measures just beyond Ni Ni in the pictures above. In the top image the mustachioed, black-suited irritated looking guy is immediately behind Ni Ni so the world is covered with a scrum of jostling humankind, trying to force their way to the next present or (possibly) into the shape of the image. In the second one he types a people back drop for the taken of the celebrity and her attire.
CRI had her with Crosby Toledano, CEO of Religious Dior Fashion and meantime go of style Expenses Gaytten--managing not to recognize him as Marc Jacobs.

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