Monday, 2 January 2012

Pakistani Celebrity Meera Khan

Meera ( created Irtaza Rubab) is a movie celebrity from Pakistan. Meera was created in Haroonabad(dist) Bahawalnagar (division) Bahawalnagar. She is fantastic child of Manzoor Shah. Her mothers name is Shafqat. She three friends - two sis and one sis out of which one sis ended. Her mother and father are separated. Her mom got remarried and now life in Gujrawala. Meera programs to set up a public wellbeing company that will offer housing to unsettled and desperate females. The venture will be known as after her mom Shafqat Zara. A complicated propagate over an place of 16 miles (65,000 m2) of place will be created near Lahore composed of an excellent, medical and house for the desperate and unsettled females. Meera's mom provided place for the venture and Meera wants to finish the enormous venture herself
Meera was welcomed for the India-Pakistan serenity Goal from Delhi to Multan on 23 Goal 2005, It was led by Dr. Sandeep Pandey, a Magsaysay awardee. Film manager, Mahesh Bhatt marketed the occurrence in advertising. Meera also registered arms and fingers with Imran Khan's Telethon for the overflow sufferers in Pakistan. Meera was seen assisting former Chief executive Pervez Musharraf's new governmental celebration All Pakistan Islamic Group (APML).

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