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Celestial satellite Geun-young (born May 6, 1987, in Gwangju, Southern Korea) is a lively and multi-talented Southern Japanese award-winning celebrity, professional movie (CF) celebrity, and style. Passionately known as "Korean country's little sis," Celestial satellite began which at the age of 12 and showed up in the documented movie On the Way (1999) the following year. She came into the highlight through her function as the youthful Eun-suh in the greatly popular tv excitement sequence Fall Story (2000). Her significant cutting-edge as a celebrity was the scary movie A Story of Two Siblings (2003) focused by Kim Ji-woon. Later, she showed up in such hit videos as My Little New bride in 2004 and Not guilty Actions in 2005. Celestial satellite Geun Young's latest excitement is Betty Kept Out All Night with Jang Geun Suk .
Celestial satellite has been beloved as a proper and genuine “younger sis of the people” ever since she came out as a child celebrity in the 2000 TV excitement Fall in My Heart. As opposed to other teenager stars who have already actually aged, she had the look of a young lady, she examined hard and were well. People known as her perfect and pristine. Moon read the eulogy to other celebrity, Lee Eun-joo, on March 22, 2005. Celestial satellite was in the same management organization as Lee. In May 2005, Celestial satellite showed up onstage at the Cannes Worldwide Movie Celebration in This particular language at the Palais de Celebration. Moon's film Not guilty Actions was selected to be proven at the 58th Cannes Worldwide Movie Celebration.
Moon rated first on the celebrity power list in 2005 among stars in Chungmuro, the Japanese film market, who can muster the biggest number of lovers, and provide ticket on the single foundation the actor's name alone.
The The philipines Promoters Connections identified as Celestial satellite the best performer to provide items by advertisers. The The philipines Promoters Connections of 200 associates granted Celestial satellite and acting professional Jo Seung-woo as the victors of the 2005 Good Style Prize. The victors were determined by ballots based on how much they provided to improving the sales of items and improving the picture of advertisers.

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