Monday, 23 January 2012

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Tere Pyar Mein (Urdu: تیرے پیار میں) (lit: In Your Love) is a Pakistani movie which was launched in January 2000.[1] It published the profession of Zara Sheikh in Lollywood.[2]

The tale is about a youthful Native indian Sikh youthful lady Preety performed by Zara Sheikh, who goes to the traditional town of Lahore, Pakistan for pilgrimage with her dad. She drops in really like with a Pakistani boy known as Ali (Shaan) who is a bank and also her father's buddy's son. After pilgrimage she goes again to her nation. Ali understands what he has missing and goes after her. They both are excited to see each other but Preety's companion, who is also in Native indian Military, is not able to endure Preety really like a Pakistani as he wants to get married to her. He delivers his makes after the two fans by declaring that they are neighbor's for Pakistan. The several flees and after times of cover and go search for, Ali is lastly able to eliminate the Military vehicles following them. In the last world, the fans go to the Pakistan-India edge where they see a Pakistani Banner and their feelings are packed with joy and comfort.

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