Saturday, 1 December 2012

Actress Song Hye Gyo films Doosan Children Huge Campaign CF to build schools in China

Celebrity Music Hye Gyo who has always shown her passion towards charitable organisation, lately shot an offer CF for Doosan to build educational institutions in China suppliers without getting a cent for her work.
The CF was shot on location in China suppliers and looks for to express the concept, "Children are the long run of community, let us take proper them, let us help them and do our responsibility to community by recognizing their goals and desires." To thank China lovers for their love and support, Music Hye Gyo will provide her CF overall look fee to Doosan, with the wish that it will be of some help.
In the CF, Music Hye Gyo said, "When I first walked onto the area of China suppliers, I could experience the years of history, the wide areas, and the wealthy lifestyle, which were the strength of this country. But when I see the kids, it makes me think the long run of China suppliers can be found on the shoulder area of these 2 billion dollars kids. Isn't our country the same? There's nothing bigger than the long run of these kids, they are the long run," narrating with a relaxed overall tone and offerring the concept of wish.
Meanwhile, Music Hye Gyo will associate Jo In Sang in the future dilemma 'That Winter, The Wind Blows' which will begin shooting in Nov.