Sunday, 9 December 2012

Kangna to perform nautch lady in new film

Native indian celebrity Kangna Ranaut is all set to perform a nautch lady in the movie variation of writer Vishwas Patil’s directorial project Rajjo.

The movie looks for to discover the real-life battles of females who perform as nautch lady and also the modifying situation of european Native indian town Mumbai.

“What become a huge hit to me more was that Kangna has a powerful Indian-ness to her that has not been utilized in her tasks so far. With Rajjo that is exactly what I aim to do. The movie looks into the problem of these mujra [dance] homes that are passing away a slowly loss of lifestyle in the present aggressive globe of great increases and data corruption,” Patil said in a declaration.

The Sahitya Akademi awardee said he has investigated substantially, viewing old mujra homes in Mumbai and the north town Lucknow to understand about the passing away art type.
“Old mujra homes are there in southern Mumbai, but only 70 are staying. My staff have gone across the edge to analysis about them. I even went to Lucknow to have a thorough analysis.”
In planning for her aspect, Kangna is exercising in dancing and viewing movies like Umrao Jaan and Pakeezah to understand the better technicalities of mujra. “When I observed the program of the movie, I realized instantly I desired to be aspect of it. Individuals will recognize with Rajjo’s personality and sympathize with her battle,” she said.

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