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Taiwanese extremely design and celebrity Lin Chi-ling

Lin Chi-ling is a Taiwanese extremely design and superstar. She is popular for her soothing conduct and actual beauty. Lin has been termed as 'The First Experience of Taiwan' by Taiwanese press. Lin's rocketed increase to popularity triggered Taiwanese experts to money the term 'The Lin Chi-Ling Phenomenon'

Lin Chi-ling is a Taiwanese design and superstar. Lin Chi-Ling puts together both functions of angel and devil, one of the most simple fairly encounters and the hottest systems numbers as well. Lin Zhi Ling has more than overall look, her intellect, beauty, interest and character gel her to be one of Asia’s most delightful beauty.
Famed for her soothing conduct and actual beauty, Lin Chi-ling has been termed as "The First Experience of Taiwan" by associates of the Taiwanese press, and has been an formal representative for both Chinese suppliers Airline carriers and Longines since 2006. Lin's meteoric increase to popularity triggered Taiwanese experts and college students to money the term "The Lin Chi-Ling Phenomenon".

Lin Chi-ling (Chinese: 林志玲; pinyin: Lín Zhìlíng; designed 29 Nov 1974, in Taipei, Taiwan) was designed in Taipei in 1974. She joined Taipei Public Zhongzheng Younger High School. She later joined the School of Greater until 1997 when she finished a 4-year college level, double-majoring in European art record and business economics.
After finishing from university, Lin came back to Taiwan. In 2000, Lin invested three several weeks learning in Asia, then came back to Taiwan and began modelling with Designer Development House.
"The Lin Chi-ling Phenomenon"

Lin Chi-Ling designed a trend in Taiwan; it took less than a season to make her the most discuss superstar in globally Chinese suppliers group.

In 2002, Lin was welcomed to design in a tv marketing in Hong Kong. The marketing obtained attention and conversation on the internet, and interest in Lin began to develop. The following season, mentioned tv manufacturer Ge Hongfu provided Lin a place as coordinator of a style program on Shanghai Asian Television. In 2004, Lin showed up in a wide sequence of ads in Taiwan that involved massive building-size images, ads, and tv ads. Meanwhile, she was said to be the sweetheart of Taiwanese heartthrob Jerry Yan, whom they work in the same modelling organization. Almost instantaneously, Lin increased to nationwide popularity and became an immediate superstar design. Her increase to popularity began a Taiwanese trend for models, an impact experts known as "The Lin Chi-ling Phenomenon" (Chinese: 林志玲現象; pinyin: Lín Zhìlínɡ xiànxiànɡ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lím Jî-léng hiān-siōng).
The ‘Zhi Ling miracle’ was unbeatable since then, she showed up as ambassador for various products, began web host TV show and event activities like Fantastic Equine Prizes.
Lin Zhi Ling designed worldwide statements in 2005 when she dropped from an equine and experienced serious damage while shooting for a professional marketing in Chinese suppliers. It took Zhi Ling a few several weeks to restore from her injury; her enjoyment profession however was not impacted, and increased even more powerful.
Lin has designed her movie début part in a traditional impressive instructed by David Woo eligible Red High ledge (赤壁). Enjoying the part of Xiaoqiao, it was her first time performing ever. During 2009, she showed up together with Jay Chou (周杰伦) in the action-adventure movie The Value Seeker.

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